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Heart for sustainable

Fair Vision brings people, animals and the environment closer together and is a strong platform built on 4 pillars. Together with our customers, sustainable entrepreneurs, therapists, coaches, affiliates and talent developers we contribute to a better world. Read more below...

Sustainable businesses

Our customers and visitors are interested in sustainable, fair trade and personal development. If you are a sustainable entrepreneur, join Fair Vision and offer your products or services on our website to increase your brand awareness and to expand your reach and customer portfolio.

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Sustainable benefit

As a conscious human being you want to contribute to a better world, but your wallet doesn't always agree. Our consumer card makes it possible by offering you discount on all sustainable products and services in our webshop.

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Fair Vision Consumercard

Recurring income

Would you like to help Fair Vision with her mission to preserve society?

Is a better, sustainable society also important to you? Our loyalty program Money Gift enables you to share in our turnover by rewarding you in products and services from our webshop, but also in money and Alternative Gift Certificates.

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